From the dust of the digital marketing revolution emerged an entrepreneur focused on empowering small business owners to take control of their online presence.

Since 2005, as CEO & Creative Director of JCD Promotions, Carrie Drephal has been working with small businesses and non-profit organizations to bridge the gap between IT and Marketing. JCD provides web development and marketing services to small businesses along with training, tools and resources for them to reap the rewards of a strong online marketing strategy.

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Is your company's website accessible?

Accessibility in the Age of the Internet

It is highly likely that your place of business is accessible to those with disabilities, but is your website? Installing wider doors, ramps, and lower counters can help those visiting in person, but if your site doesn’t have some basic design features, you may be turning away customers and clients before they even have a chance to be your customers.

If you build it...

If You Build It…Your Website Is Not Like Field of Dreams

I frequently hear from professionals with business websites that they just aren’t seeing the value from it. When I ask them why they feel this way the response typically is because they don’t feel they are getting enough traffic to the site or conversions to leads. These comments come from professionals across a variety of industries. The belief they have is that a website is similar to a sign on a building. It’s reminiscent of one of the most memorable lines from the 1989 movie Field of Dreams, “If you build it, he will come.”

Woman holding a teddy bear up in a field.

Goldilocks and The Search for the Just Right Website

It was my husband’s birthday, and I wanted to send him flowers. I tried to send him flowers from a local florist whose designs we both liked and who does high-quality work. I punched in their website address and got “This site is not active.” A search brought up a link to their Facebook page where I dutifully shot off a message of “Are you aware that your website is down?” Their response? “Yes, we know. We are now solely focused on weddings and operate through Facebook.” Well, guess I wasn’t ordering flowers through them. Sadly, this isn’t the first AWOL website I’ve come across, nor is it the first website that I intuitively thought would be available only to find that the business owners use just Facebook.  Even worse, some have no website at all, only mentions in Yelp or Google, leaving it to the public to tell their story.



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“Carrie and JCD Promotions are an exemplary customer Focused Promotions and Web Development Business. She recently developed my new website and it was an easy process. She answered questions, provided quick response and continues to help keep the website current and informative. I strongly recommend her to any business in need of a professional website.”

– Don Herrmann, Herrmann Advantage Consulting, LLC

Don Herrmann of Herrmann Advantage Consulting

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