From the dust of the digital marketing revolution emerged an entrepreneur focused on empowering small business owners to take control of their online presence.

Since 2005, as CEO & Creative Director of JCD Promotions, Carrie Drephal has been working with small businesses and non-profit organizations to bridge the gap between IT and Marketing. JCD provides web development and marketing services to small businesses along with training, tools and resources for them to reap the rewards of a strong online marketing strategy.

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4 Website Myths Debunked

Since the dawn of the internet era, people have been developing websites to share information and build an online presence. Over time, ideas have changed about why a business needs a website and how a business should go about having one developed. We’re about to debunk four myths surrounding the web development market. Read on!

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Business Blogging in Five Easy Steps

I see you there, procrastinating by scrolling through social media when you should be writing your company’s business blog post. I get it because I’ve been there; sometimes sitting down to write a blog post is like standing before a climbing wall when you haven’t done more than a casual stroll around the block in recent memory. So, not only do you have to write something, but you’re probably not even sure what exactly you should write about. I’m here to help.

Hire the Right Social Media Manager

The Right Person For The Job

When it comes to social media management, having the wrong person, or people, leading the charge can cost you customers and money. What happens for many traditional business owners is that one day they discover that not having an online presence is hurting their bottom line. They decide it’s imperative to join every platform (not a very good idea – but a topic for another time) and jump in with both feet without a plan.



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